Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is to enter via the input of a code, swipe of a card or even by placing your finger to read your fingerprint.

National Lock & Safe specializes in the installation of access control systems. Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when. The systems we install will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure. From one door up to hundreds of doors across multiple sites, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Single Doors

We have standalone access solutions for internal (low security) doors. A compact system comprises of an integrated reader and control unit, which are quick and easy to install keeping labour costs to a minimum. Simple token management using our card packs makes administration of the system very easy. Compact systems are available in proximity, magstripe and keypad variants and are ideal for smaller sites.

Access Control

Multi Door Systems

Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution. Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 10,000 users. Perfectly tailored access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using our intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks.

DDA Compliance

In April 2005 a new Disability Discrimination Act was passed by Parliament stating that if a disabled customer finds it impossible or unreasonably difficult to gain access to your goods or service then you would have to make them accessible. We have solutions with hands free access and large clearly marked exit buttons.

Installation & Repair

National Lock & Safe can provide a full quotation for whatever you need. Our engineers are able to repair existing systems and if required replace faulty items. If a system is not compliant and presents a Health and Safety or a potential fire risk, this will be pointed out immediately. We have access to programming codes for most makes and models of keypads and can in most cases supply these to prevent costly call outs to change codes.