Locks to British Standard

National Lock & Safe provides fast, reliable, professional 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith services at extremely competitive rates.

Our Locksmiths are fully trained and equipped to carry out the task in hand. This gives us a very high first fix rate, saving our customers money. They are also fully insured for your piece of mind.

National Lock & Safe are suppliers to many Retail Chains and understands the importance of non trading and the security of any store. Our Locksmiths are ready to deal with this type of response at any time.

Our Locksmiths carry out the following services:

Non destructive entry

Our Locksmiths have had many years experience and can open most locks by "picking". They will only use a drill to open a lock when absolutely necessary. This saves money on costly lock changes.

Lock Changes

Our Locksmiths carry stock to change almost any type of lock available in the UK. If it is a non stock item it can usually be sourced within 24 hours and of course we would make sure that a temporary lock is installed to maintain security until the correct lock is replaced.

Lock Repairs

National Lock & Safe always repair locks whenever possible. Our Locksmiths would assess if the fault is repairable and if so carry out the repair, if not you will be advised that a replacement is required. Any repairs to existing locks will be guaranteed for 3 months.

Master Keying

National Lock & Safe can also provide locks that are "keyed alike" or "master keyed". Keyed alike is when 2 or more locks are operated from the same key. Ideal when you want to cut down the amount of keys that are carried. Master keyed is when 2 or more locks have their own individual keys but have a Master Key that will also open them all. Suitable for Shops, Schools, Hotels and just about any application you can think of.


Why not ask us at National Lock & Safe to carry out a security check of your premises. We can advise you of the minimum requirements for insurers or what would be the best lock for a particular application. We can install a lock onto almost anything.